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I am not using my Rejsekort every day, so it happens to me regularly that I forget to check in or out when traveling by train. While playing around I found out a way to use IFTTT for sending my a reminder on my mobile when I am close to the stations that I usually using.

I am using this way now for a few weeks and it working fine. It saved me a some money and its very easy to use.

How it works:

The IFTTT app send you a notification to remember check in/ud when you a getting close to a station.

What you need:

  1. IFTTT account. (Its free)
  2. IFTTT recipe. (I describe below how to do that)
  3. Mobile phone. (IPhone or Android)
  4. IFTTT app. (Its free)


Create an IFTTT recipe

IFTTT (If this then that) is a very powerfull service that can be used in may ways. To create an account go to Click on “Sign Up” to create an account.

rejsekort _check_ind_og_ud_ifttt_start

After you have created an account search for the recipe “rejsekort alarm”.

rejsekort _check_ind_og_ud_ifttt_search

You find the the two recipes shown below. One for IPhone and one for Android.

rejsekort alarm check in out recipes

Click on the recipe for your device.

Now you have to select for what station you want to get an alarm. Type in the town and station name and press search. Check on the map that the station is shown on the map. Use the plus and minus buttons to adjust the highlighted area. I recommend a size of ca. 100m.

Press “Add” to create the recipe.

rejsekort _check_ind_og_ud_ifttt_find_station

Thats it. You are done with your first Rejsekort recipe.

Repeat these steps for the other stations that you are usually using.


rejsekort _check_ind_og_ud_ifttt_created

Installing the App

Now you have to install the IF app on you mobile phone.



Install the app and make sure you allow the app to:

  • show notifications
  • use your location
  • run in the background

I have not noticed that the app uses lot of battery on my iphone.

You are done. Next time you are getting near or away from a station you will receive a notification to not forget to check in/ud.