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I spend quite some time at work in meetings. So I thought to I try to identify the different types of meetings I am facing.

Meeting Type 1. The lonely meeting 

The meeting were no one but you is arriving. You are wondering: Have you missed the meeting cancellation, does no one care, has outlook messed up the time zones again ……

Ogil Meeting Lonely

Meeting Type 2: The laptop meeting

The meeting where everyone seems to be more interested in their laptops (doing other work or surfing the internet), instead of paying attention to the meeting.

Ogil Meeting Laptop

Meeting Type 3: The no one cares meeting

At this meeting no one participates. The meeting is so pointless that even the meeting host will not arrive.

Ogil Meeting No One Comes

Meeting Type 4: The perfect meeting

Everyone arrives in good time. The technic is working without problems. Everyone is concentrated. The presentation is interesting ……. (It must be a dream).

Ogil Meeting Great

¬†Meeting Type 5: The “Death by Power Point” meeting

Be alerted when you hear the words “I have prepared a little power point presentation”.

Ogil Meeting Death by Powerpoint